Known for its extra-tacky natural rubber adhesive that sticks to everything, even your mother-in-law.
  • Nashua 394 Duct Tape – Utility grade for sealing, bundling and light repairs.
  • Nashua 398 Duct Tape – Professional grade for HVAC repair, duct sealing and maintenance.
  • Nashua 357 Duct Tape – Premium grade. Waterproof. For heavy-duty manufacturing.

2" Duct Tape


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     2200 Van Deman Street                                                          3601 Clarks Lane

       Baltimore MD, 21224                                                                    Suite 6A

                                                                                                       Baltimore MD 21215

                                             Telephone:     410.804.5517


                                                       Cell:      410.804.5996 


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