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ANViL ROOF-TEC Ultra 100% Premium Elastomeric Roof Coating is specially formulated by the siliconized process to provide superior self-cleaning technology. It also has the added benefit of containing Ceramic MicroCells that reduce heat flux through the coating. ROOF-TEC Ultra combines the premium performance formulated with Elastomeric Resins, Siliconized and MicroCells Cool Roof Technology superior coating. Its brilliant white finish is not only beautified, but reflects up to 90% of the sun’s rays (ASTM C1549-02 Solar Reflectance) and lowers heat flux by 60% (ASTM C518-98 heat flux and thermal transmission) to lower the heat buildup and reducing air conditioning costs. Stays brighter longer for it is siliconized and contains a fungicide to resist mildew growth on the product film (ASTM D5590-00 Fungal Resistance on paint film). Do not use on flat roofs. Roofs must have adequate pitch to allow water to run off. Apply with roller or airless sprayer. Allow 24-hours between coats. Apply only when temperatures are above 50ºF and when humidity is below 95% for the next 24 rain free hours. If the roof is hot or day is windy, apply a mist-spray with water just before application to avoid sealer from drying too fast. 2 or 3 (for warranty) full coats at the rate of 80-100 sq. ft. per Gal. are needed for proper sealing. Apply at package consistency.


  • High adhesion latest chemical technology seals and protects
  • Expands and contracts with thermal shock
  • Forms a thick rubber like blanket on your roof
  • Helps absorb sound and reduces interior temperatures
  • Thick and seamless protection

ANViL ROOF TEC Siliconized + Microcell Elastomeric White Reflective Roof Coating


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