Enjoy high flying fun with impressive stunts and reliable stability of the Spyder X Stunt Drone

  • The Spyder X hgh perfomance stunt drone is a palm sized drone for beginner to advanced pilots.
  • Built in 6 axis gyro keeps the Spyder X stable in all flight conditions.
  • 4-channel flight control allows for incredible manueverability, including 360 degree aerial stunts.
  • 3-speed settings from beginner to advanced pilots
  • LED directional lights make the Spyder X easy to follow
  • The built in barometric air pressure sensor allows the Spyder X to auto take off, auto land and auto hover
  • includes: drone, controller, charger, cartridge battery, indoor protective cage, replacement parts
  • Assorted colors

Propel Spyder X Stunt Drone


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